Antique European Decorative Pillows and Textiles
Fortuny I

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Pair of Fortuny early 1920’s fabric
with his signature pomegranate design

2 pairs available


19 1/2" x 25 1/2"


Fortuny's 1920's cotton satin in his "Orfeo" pattern.

18" x 24 1/2"



1920's Fortuny printed cotton
depicting a sixteenth-century Italian
vase motif.

22" square  


Pair of 1960's Fortuny in his
"Piazzetta" pattern

17 1/2" x 26 1/2"


1920's cotton Fortuny in his
"Corone" pattern

23" x 24" $925.00


Pair of Early 1930’s Fortuny
Pillows in his “Cimarosa” Pattern

22" x 22"


Pair 1920s Fortuny in his "Uccelli"
bird pattern.

20" x 26 1/2"


        Pair 1920's Fortuny museum cloth
climbing leaf motif

23" x 24"


Fortuny, 1950’s, 3 different pairs
pillows with rust colored design
with parchment overlay featuring
crowns, urns and stylized flowers.

Various Sizes


Pair Fortuny 1920's Boucher pattern pillows in sage green and parchment

21" x 27 1/2"


  Pair Fortuny 1940’s-50’s Vintage
Pillows in his de’ Medici Pattern,
Orange Tones

11" x 24"

# FT89D12

  Pair of Fortuny lumbar pillows
in a very rare early 1900’s
strawberry/pink “Dandolo” design.

13 1/2" x 27"


To identify your Fortuny fabric, Fortuny pattern directory located at: OldeWorldPillows.com
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