Antique European Decorative Pillows and Textiles
Fortuny II

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Pair of 1950's Fortuny "Corone"
pattarn of a 17th century Italian
crown design.


20 1/2 " x 231/2"


Pair of out-of-print original 1920’s
Fortuny in his “Clamys” design of
tightly woven twill.

21 1/2 " x 22"



Pair 1950's Fortuny pillows in his
"Uccelli" pattern in dark blue and  white

20 1/2 " x 27"


Vintage Pair 1950’s Fortuny in his “Edera” pattern, a 19th century Spanish design of an ivy leaf motif


21" x 21 1/2"


Pair of Fortuny pillows in his
“Delfino” pattern of a floral 17th
century design from the Louis XIII

18" x 24 1/2"


Pair of Fortuny “Irani” pattern, a
17th century Persian design with
stylized flowers and medallions

21 1/2 " x 21 1/2"


Fortunys’ 1940 - 50s Egyptian cotton
in his “Sevigne” pattern, a 17th
century French design named for
Madame de Sevigne

21" x 23"


Pair of early 1920's Fortuny
"Boucher" patterned lumbar pillows
in rare sage green

12" x 27 1/2"


Pair of Fortuny fabric lumbar pillows
in a rare early 1900’s pink “Dandolo”

16 1/2 " x 27"


Fortunys' pomegranate design this
pillow features one example inspired
by a 15th century Italian design.

16" x 24"


An original 1920's Fortuny silk velvet in his "Clamys" design.
A rich ground of teal blue with his signature gauffered silver
printed design with scroll, leaf, knot and rope motifs.

 Size: 15" x 25"                Price: $2350.00                 Item: #FT100S5
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