Antique European Decorative Pillows and Textiles
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  An 18th century Beauvais tapestry
depicting a wing, spiral with bird and a
garland of flowers. Edged with a scalloped
gold metallic galon trim all on a
macadamian colored silk velvet. Finished...

17" x 18" $1295.00


    Pair of finely woven wool 17th century French Gobelin tapestry pillow depicting a floral motif with ribbons, an elaborately
decorated helmet with feather plume, knot
and tassel motif along

17 1/2 " x 18 1/2"


An 18th century Italian vestment fragment
featuring a wreath of laurel leaves and
berries that represent triumph. The laurel
leaves and berries are stitched with two
tones of silver metal thread and padded,
giving it an amazing raised effect........

17"x 17" $1595.00


Classical 17th century French verdure silk
and wool tapestry pillow depicting a central
urn sitting on a pedestal with gourds among
leaves and foliage. Bordered on the top
and bottom with twining ribbons with...

18 1/2 " x 22"


  An 18th century Italian crest stitch entirely
with silk threads of sky blue and beige.
Featuring a Ducal crown with silk jewels in
red and yellow above a sky blue shield
with sexfoil flowers that represents hope...

15 1/2 " x 20 1/2"


    An 18th century French silk and wool
tapestry fragment depicting flowers and
foliage. Edged with a period gold metal
fringe trim with unique twisted spirals called
caterpillars all on a golden bronzy/brown
silk velvet.

17" x 22 1/2"


An 18th century Gobelin tapestry fragment
depicting scrolls and fleur-de-lis in rich
warm earth tones on a silvery/cream
colored silk velvet. Edged in a silver and
gold galon, finished with a gold metallic...

16 1/2" x 22 1/2"


(3 available)
    A 17th century heavy metallic floral
applique hand stitched on to antique
Italian red mohair. Hand finished with a
thick dark patina French metal cording.

16 1/2" x 25" $1700.00


An Italian, 16th century, blue and yellow silk
lampas decorated with a repeat patternof floral
urns and crowns. Edged with an Italian 18th
century torchon multi colored metal lace,
finished with matching metal 19th century French
metal tassels. Backed in blue silk velvet.

16" x 22"


2 available
    An 18th century Flemish tapestry fragment
depicting a floral and fruit motif. Backed
with an antique silk/cotton red velvet,
trimmed with antique French silver galons.

18 1/2" x 20" $1900.00


A rare circa 1700 French silk bizarre brocade w/polychrome silk
and silver metal threads on a red silk ground. Edged with an 18th silk
and metal galon, finished with a 19th silver metal fringe trim.
   Size: 15" x 24 1/2"         Price: $2150.00         Item: PL20D06-B
                                  3 available, patterns vary
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