Antique European Decorative Pillows and Textiles
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    An 18th century Flemish tapestry on a
dark brown velvet. Edged with an antique
galon with leaf motif and gold metallic

18" x 20"


    An early pair of Italian 18th century
brocaded silk damask pillows with a silver
thread design in a floral relief. Edged with
an 18th century silver galon trim with a
twining leaf and floral motif, backed with...

12 1/2" x 17 1/2" $1100.00


    An 18th century Gobelin tapestry fragment
depicting stylized acanthus leaves and
scrolls that are border along the bottom
with smiling skull heads in bright fresh
colors of mustard, ginger, rust and cream.

16" x 18"



15" x 20"


    Pair c irca 1800 silver metallic fabric from
Belgium with a quatrefoil design that means
“four leaves” with a floral bouquet within
each lobe. Edged with a French 19th
century silver metallic eyelash fringe and....

17" x 21"


    A 17th century Flemish tapestry fragment
depicting two hunters and a boar, backed
with a green cut velvet wool. Edged in an
antique gold metallic galon.

18" square


    A 19th century French Aubusson tapestry
fragment on a silk/cotton vintage green
velvet. Edged with an antique galon with a
leaf motif and a yellow/green antique silk

16" x 22" $750.00


    Italian 17th century brocade with a floating weft/weave of copper metal threads outlined in silk threads to give it a floral motif. A central cartouche of silver metal threads in a crisscross design with a silk.....    

19 1/2 " x 25"


  (4 available
in two sizes)

Pair Venetian silk brocade with pomegranates, an 18th century copy of a 17th century design. Backed up a taupe Dupioni silk, handed trimmed with an Italian metal fringe.

21" square


A Pair of pillows with a rare 18th century
3 ½” wide metallic fan-shaped torchon
lace from Brussels. Metal thread laces such
as this one were entirely handmade and it’s
very rare to find one so wide. Applied onto
shimmery Bronze/brown silk velvet from....

18 1/2" x 18 1/2"


Pair of Late 18th Century Toile Flammees or Ikat fabric from France

14 1/2" x 29"


An early 19th century French Aubusson tapestry fragment that
was more than likely meant to be used as a border to a larger
tapestry. This fragment depicts a central urn bordered on either
side with winged griffins and scrolling acanthus leaves and ........
     Size: 14" x 47"          Price: $1990.00           Item: PL30N4
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