Antique European Decorative Pillows and Textiles
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An 18th century English petite point /gros
point pillow worked in colored silks and
wools. Once a chair seat cover, this piece
depicts one of the four seasons - "Summer"
- with sickle and wheat. Edged in a.....

20 1/2" x 23 1/2"


An 18th century Italian chasuble front
embroidered with metal threads depicting
wheat, leaves, grapes and other foliage on
a rich raspberry colored silk moiré. Edged
in a period metal and silk galon and a rare..

17 1/2" x 27"


  A 17th century French Aubusson tapestry
fragment depicting a classical figurehead in
a roundel of flowers and foliage. This piece
is an excellent rendition of a Wedgwood
blue jasper bisque portrait in a woven.....

19" x 24"


  Pair of 18th century Brussels tapestry fragment depicting a shell motif woven in silks and wools. Edged in a period fringe and small trim, finished with an antique metallic cord, all on light gold silk velvet.    

19" x 22"


A rare 18th century French Aubusson
tapestry fragment worked in colored silks
and wools depicting a floral motif. Edged in
two tones of metal eyelash fringe trim, one
with wooden gold gilt tassels and metal...

18" x 26"


An 18th century French heavy metal
applique in a gothic design on its original
deep green silk velvet. Edged in an 19th
century French silk and metallic trim
and center on a moss green silk velvet....

13" x 26"


A French or Italian circa 1680 - 1720 silk
bizarre/brocade with a ground of a forest
green with a fantasy floral design in silver
metal thread, outlined in yellow and coral
silk threads. Edged in a rare 18th .......

19 3/4 " x 20"


A late 18th, early 19th century silk Cisele
voided velvet from Genoa depicting a
monkey king, birds and foliage on a twill
linen ground. Backed with silver/blue
antique silk velvet, trimmed with a metal....

14" x 24"


Pair 18th century French Aubusson
tapestry fragment worked in
colored silks and wool depicting a
floral motif.

11" x 18 1/2"


Early pair 19th century French
Aubusson tapestry that depict
winged griffins.

18" x 29"


An 18th century French Beauvais tapestry fragment depicting an urn with fruit.

17" x 17" square


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