Antique European Decorative Pillows and Textiles
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An 18th century Brussels silk and wool
tapestry fragment depicting birds on an urn
among flowers and foliage. Edged in an
aged 18th continental galon trim all on a
golden bronzy/brown silk velvet. Finished
with an antique metallic cord.

21" x 23 1/2"

Pair of 19th century French tapestry
fragment woven of wools depicting fruit
and foliage.Edged in a 19th metallic galon
trim all on a blue/green silk velvet. Finished
along the edges with an antique metallic...

17" x 17 1/2"



A 16th - 17th century Italian fragment of
silk and metal flowers that were once gold
but have aged to a silver darkness
surrounded by red/wine and brown silk
velvet. Edged with a 19th French red/wine
silk cut velvet tape, 18th century handmade
silver metal torchon lace and 19th French..


23" x 23" $1250.00


(2 available)      
An 18th century Italian silk and silver metal
brocade depicting a floral theme on a rich
buttery yellow ground. Edged with a silver
18th century metal galon trim, finished off
with a rare wooden gilded tassel trim.......

20" Square


English or French, 17th century, couched
silver and gold metal raised embroidery on
the original green silk velvet. Appliqués of
leaves were cut from woven cloths of gold
and silver and applied to cut pile silk....

21" x 29"


A 17th century Brussels tapestry fragment
depicting a large cartouche. Edged with an
18th century Italian gold galon, finished
with a rare 19th French heavy metal fringe.
Backed with a chocolate brown silk velvet.
18" x 23"


    An 18th century gold Italian applique hand
couched onto an ocean blue silk velvet.
Edged with a rare 18th century French
gold eyelash trim with gold spirals and
twisted wooden gilt tassels.

13" x 19"


A late17th century Flemish tapestry woven
in wool and silks depicting foliage on a
brown silk velvet. Edged with an antique
silver galon with a spiral motif and antique
French silver fringe.

18" x 20"


A 19th century French Aubusson tapestry
fragment with a ginger ground and a mixed
floral design on a deep moss green silk
velvet. Edged with a wide Italian metal
trim, finished with an antique French metal

15" x 25"


(1 available in moss green)
(2 available in ginger)  
A rare French, 17th century, metal and
silk embroidered fragment with flowers
and leaves. The ground is entirely
covered in a silver metal that has patina
down with age. The ground stitching...
12 1/2" x 23"           
#PL69D6-B                Sold     
  An 18th century French silver applique
work depicting a floral motif and
garlands on a red silk ground. Edged in
an 18th century silver and hemp
scalloped trim, finished with an 18th...
12" x 27 1/2"           $1850.00
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