Antique Decorative Pillows and Textiles
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15th Century Italian Wyverns among Foliage on Silk Brocade

A remarkable pair of medieval 15th century Italian silk brocade pillows depicting a pair of wyverns, a
mythological dragon with wings and barbed tail and generally found in heraldry making these unusual in
their use within silk brocade. The wyverns symbolize strength, power and endurance, surrounded by
cornucopias of foliage, which represent a rebirth or “Renaissance”, showing the bridge between the Middle
Ages and the early Renaissance. A rich weave of deep gold and red, backed with red designer silk velvet,
edged with early 19th century deep gold silk fringe trim.

Condition: Each pillow has wear to the ground in places along the tops, the weft is gone leaving a ground
of silk threads. Two pinpricks on one pillow that is barely discernable all of which are consistent with a
textile of this age. (Sold as a pair)

Size: 15 1/2" x 23"                Price: $4275.00                   Item: #PL05JA09
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