Antique Decorative Pillows and Textiles
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Ancient European Textiles

16th century Italian Raspberry and Ochre Silk Damask

A 16th century length of Italian (probably Lucca) crimson and
ochre silk damask runner. Woven with a lattice of stylized
floral sprigs, crowns and urns of flower sprays.

61" L x 19" W



Mid 18th century French silk brocade coverlet with
silver metal thread highlights

An 18th century silk brocade coverlet with a cream ground with
a pattern of blue vertical serpentine stripes, brocaded in a floral
design with silver metal and polychrome silk threads.

80" L x 71" W



Baroque Flourishes on a17th Century Italian Silk Damask with Gold Metal Thread

An exquisite 17th century Italian hanging of deep raspberry silk damask brocaded with gold metal threads embellished with Baroque flourishes, tulips and birds. The hanging is made up from several pieces, edged with a 19th century gold metal braid and backed with Dupioni silk.

60" L x 70" W



1730 - 1735, Brocaded Lampas Cover from the
Naturalism Period

The large flowers and leaves in this piece show a form of color-
shading or hatching, parallel to the contours of the motifs, which
was particularly favored in the 18th century.

65" L x 42 1/4" W



Early 18th Century French or English Infant’s
Brocaded Gown/w Silver Lace

Prior to the late 18th century children were dressed as miniature
adults, on offer here is a truly remarkable and rare early 18th
century French or English Infant’s brocaded gown.

Front 22 ¼” length x Back 16 ¼” length





18th century Italian Brocatelle Hanging made from silk
& linen

An 18th century Italian brocatelle silk and linen panel with large
floral motif that was once used as a wall covering. Made from
several pieces beautifully joined together to form a large panel.
Edged with a same period metallic galon, backed with silk.

61 1/2" L x 63" W



Early 18th century French, Lyons, silk brocade from
the Naturalism period

An early 18th century (1730 – 1740’s) French, possibly Lyons,
silk brocade from the Naturalism period. A rich ground of
blue silk with islands depicting a castle surrounded by large
flowers and leaves woven in polychrome silk threads.

55" L x 41" W

# TX09A-07


Circa 1710 - 1730 French or Italian silk brocaded
lampas in a "Lace pattern"

A French or Italian 1710 - 30 silk and silver metal brocaded
lampas cover with symmetrical patterns of flower and leaves on
a melon/orange silk ground.

66" L x 70" W



Italian 16th Century Brocatelle Runner woven with Silk and Metal Threads

From Brooke Astor's collection a circa 1540 Italian hanging
designed with a repeating pattern of arabesques, scrolling foliage
and twining ribbons. Woven brocatelle much like a brocade with
a ground of yellow silk, the pattern outlined in red silk and filled with white silk and silver metal thread. Edged at the top and both
long sides with the original hand woven silk and metal thread
tape that has a geometric design, the bottom has a 19th century
silk and metal thread fringe. Backed with 19th century hand
dyed blue linen.

93" L x 23 1/2" W



French or Italian Late 17th - Early 18th Century Silk
and Silver Metal Thread Brocade Hanging

French or Italian, late 17th to early 18th century, silk and silver
metal thread brocade hanging with a bizarre design of stylized
leaves, flowers and fruits so typical of the Asian influence at the

96" L x 60 1/2" W




Italian 18th Century Brocatelle panel woven in silk and linen

A length of 18th century Italian brocatelle with a woven face of
red silk and linen ground making it very strong and durable.
Originally supposed to be an imitation of Italian tooled leather
since the pattern stands out in high relief.

107" L x 24 1/2" W



First Half of the 16th century Italian "Ferronnerie"
Silk Velvet with Pomegranates/Artichokes

A 16th century, circa 1540, Italian cut and voided ferronnerie,
(French for metalwork) silk velvet with pomegranates/artichokes
within a leaf/lobed ironwork design that was so popular during
the Renaissance.

19 1/4" L x 21 1/4" W


Spanish, First Half of the 16th Century Silk Velvet
Dalmatic with Silk Appliqué

Spanish dalmatic from the first half of the 16th century, circa1540, of green cut and voided ferronnerie/ironwork silk velvet of pomegranates and artichokes within a leaf/lobed ironwork design that was so popular during the Renaissance.

52" L x 38" W


First Half of the 15th Century, Italy or Spain,
Ferronnerie” Red Silk Velvet Runner

Circa 1438 Ferronnerie / ironwork cut and voided silk velvet
from Italy or Spain an early example of the conventional leaf
pattern. Edged in a 19th century red silk and metal thread trim and backed with a later cotton silk lining.

75" L x 11 1/4" W



Florentine, Circa 1600, Two Panels of Cut Silk Velvet
with Silver Metal Thread

Two panels of forest green cut silk velvet with silver metal thread
from Florence Italy, circa 1600, with a very large floral motif
rising up out of an urn. Both mounted separately on modern
stretchers and edged with modern silk. Fabrics with such a large
motif were typically used as wall coverings before wallpaper as
we know it today came about.

68 1/2" L x 20 3/4" W x 1 1/2" D



Italian, 17th Century, Forest Green Silk Velvet Valance

A 17th century Italian valance made with forest green silk velvet
edged with a wide, 2 ¾”, gold metallic tape on top and 1” tape on
the bottom. Finished along the bottom with the thick gold eyelash
fringe. Backed with a cotton green lining with hangers attached.

15" L x 101" W