Antique Decorative Pillows and Textiles
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An early 18th century Italian silk brocatelle
panel woven in two tones of red on a linen
ground. A heavy weight panel with a
slightly raised and large centered design of
crowns, pomegranates, and floral motif.
These were once used as wall coverings
and furnishing fabrics and still make highly
decorative hangings. Minor rub to the silk.

107" x 24 1/2"


Circa 1930’s Fortuny hanging panel with his
signature “pomegranate” pattern a 15th
century Venetian design with a ground of
blue/green and highlights of cream with deep
parchment overlay. Tightly woven cotton twill
or what some might call museum cloth this
piece is bordered on all sides with a 2 7/8”
wide “Farnese” border with the same
coloring, lined and lightly interlined.

60" x 29"


    A 17th - 18th century Italian silver and
green silk lampas runner. Woven with a
latticework of foliage, stylized flowering
plants and fruit with scrollwork throughout.
Consists of several pieces exquisitely hand
stitched together. Backed with a red silk
lining, still retains the original torchon
metallic lace trim. Slight wear and rubs to
silk , trim is worn from time.

19 3/4" x 70"


    A wonderful length of red silk cut velvet
from Italy, 1890 – 1900, with a Syrian
design featuring stylized artichokes, mythical
winged animals, birds, crowned animals,
flowers, there’s a lot of detail in the cut
designs. A full loom width with the salvages
stitched to the backside and both top and bottom turned under giving a small......

76" x 23"


    An exquisite 17th century Italian hanging of
raspberry/red silk damask brocaded with
gold metal threads embellished with
Baroque flourishes, tulips and birds. The
hanging is made up from several pieces,
edged with a gold metal braid and backed
with Dupioni silk.
This piece was de accession out of the.....
    60" x 70"
    A stunning Art Nouveau, circa 1890–1905,
French table cover featuring flowers and
highly stylized curvilinear forms so
characteristic of the period. A ground of
green satin the flowers and vines are
worked in a heavy mat of gold with the
center of flowers in an orange silk and
highlights of red on the metallic mat, all ......

66" x 69"


  Fashioned on a ground of red silk satin is
this exquisite example of early 19th century
Italian appliquéd church runner. Typical
motifs from the 12th – 16th century when
most of the population was illiterate, and
therefore images were very important to
convey ideas. Each pattern repeat consists
of griffins, said to scare off and protect from
evil or harmful spirits, green men/grotesque
mask is the symbol of rebirth and dolphins,
symbol of the resurrection all within scrolling
foliage and urns.

82" x 15"



An early 18th century Italian vestment
runner of a light coral silk. Woven with
appliqués in silver and bronze metal threads
with symbols depicting: thistle - Christ's
crown of thorns, rose - the nativity of God,
daisy - symbol for the baby Jesus, sun -
symbol for Christ, cross - telling the purpose for which Christ was born........


22 1/4 " x 75"


An early to mid 17th century Spanish
vestment runner of silk, gold and silver
thread embroidery with small metal
paillettes, a forerunner to sequins,
throughout, edged with its original woven
thick metal trim. The embroidery section has
a join right in the middle indicating that these
were two separate pieces from one item...

24 1/2" x 92"


An outstanding example of Italian silk
embroidery on a 17th century mounted
chalice veil. The ground of cream-colored
silk, representing life, is worked in colored
silks with a symmetrical pattern of tulips and
other flowers springing from leafy stems all
outlined with gold gilt thread. Centered is
the sun worked in fine gold threads with a
central flower rather than IHS which is.....

27" x 28"


Circa 1930’s Fortuny hanging in his
“Farnese” pattern, an 18th century Italian
design of intertwining scrolls and flowers.
Tightly woven cotton twill or what some
might call museum cloth, with a ground of
burgundy/red with a parchment overlay.
Edged in his signature scrolling “R” border,
professionally lined and interlined.

69 1/4" x 24 1/2"


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