Antique Decorative Pillows and Textiles
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Late 17th century French Aubusson tapestry fragment woven in silks depicting Minerva, the Roman goddess of crafts and wisdom. She was also the famous French silver hallmark of France. Romans said that Minerva was not born in the usual way, but rather Jupiter had a horrible headache and Vulcan opened up his head and out came Minerva dressed in armor and holding.......

20 1/2 " x 14"


A late 18th, early 19th century silk and
wool woven French Aubusson tapestry
border fragment depicting an urn on a
table with an abundance of flowers and
foliage. Edged with a period gold galon,
lined and weighed on top and bottom for
ease of hanging.

63 1/2 " x 19 1/2"


A late 17th, early 18th century Beauvais tapestry
fragment that more than likely came from a border
from a larger tapestry. Beauvais, a northern town in
France, was established in 1664 and wove
tapestries for the wealthy bourgeoisie and nobility of
France, as well as for export. This fragment depicts
a Grecian clad woman surrounded by a grotesque
mask, fish, mirrors and shell. Finely woven in silk
and wool threads that still retain their bright color...

34" x 16"



An Italian 16th century cut and voided two-
colored silk velvet in red and green pile on a
natural tabby ground. An ogival design with
stylized pomegranates, tulips and further foliage
motifs, the tabby ground has been reworked in
silk threads. Genoa. A similar piece can be
found in the book “Velvets East & West, from...


27" x 20"


An early 1920’s Fortuny with colors of blue/gray with parchment overlay in a cotton/satin weave. Subtle color variations that is typical of early Fortuny and something that isn’t achieved today. Unknown pattern name since most of Fortunys’ early pieces weren’t named. The pattern features an extremely large floral pattern, 52” x 23”, rising out of an urn with scrolls. Fully lined on the.....

101" x 74 1/2"


A large 1920’s Fortuny hanging in his Uccelli pattern a 17th century French design of a bird motif. The pattern itself has an Italian name “Uccelli” and mean birds in English but is named after a French design.This large panel consists of three widths of fabric, over 8 yards of fabric.

100" x 83"


Imagine, Michelangelo was alive when this textile was woven, probably just finishing “The Last Judgment” in the Sistine Chapel. Presenting an amazing circa 1540 Italian brocaded/voided silk velvet featuring an ogival pattern of branches with a central pomegranate motif. The ground is an ivory satin with a floating brocaded basket weave design of silver metal thread with raised and outlined areas of deep green silk velvet. The heavy areas of green silk velvet about the leaves and

21 1/2 " x 34 1/4"


A 17th century Flemish tapestry fragment woven of silks and wools. It depicts plump winged putti, who
symbolize love, and Green men, who symbolize rebirth, among very colorful verdure mix of foliage,
flowers and birds. Lined and edged with a period gold/silver metallic trim.  

                 Size: 7' 4" x 3' 6"                      Price: Upon request                      Item: TX41MY7

An amazing circa 1710 - 50 century Italian
ecclesiastical chasuble front with intricately
embroidered metal and silk threads. The design
of cartouche-like shapes outlined in metal thread
among a pattern of curling leaves, peonies, tulips,
morning glories, forget-me-nots and rosebuds all
in the most remarkable silk embroidered
workmanship on a cream silk ground. While this
pattern is very secular in design it was made
specifically for this chasuble due to the very
symmetry of the design. Backed with red.....

38 1/2" x 24"


A beautiful 17th century Italian valance made with
forest green silk velvet edged with a wide, 2 ¾”,
gold metallic tape on top and 1” tape on the
bottom. Finished along the bottom with the
thickest gold eyelash fringe. Backed with a cotton
green lining with hangers attached.

15" x 101"


A rare and amazing mid 15th century Italian
Renaissance gold thread picture band woven for
a church vestment. This piece depicts an angel at
the top followed by a sun with the initials IHS,
which stand for In His Service, next is another
angel and on the bottom is the Virgin Mary.
Woven along the sides are bands with scrolls
and flowers all edged with a coordinating silk
and metallic fringe. Lined on the back .....

21" x 9 1/2" not including 2" fringe


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