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Our pieces come to us through the centuries, bearing that time-aged look. We feel that nothing is too aged to let go, so we at Oreillers give each piece a new life.

We start by making sure that each piece is lined for added strength and stabilized if needed before making up. All our pillows have 100% down inserts unless otherwise noted, then trimmed out with antique trims. Since our fragments come to us bearing age, please keep in mind that your new/old pillow may have some slight imperfections.

Our pillows are not new, just newly made. (Please understand that we are antique textile dealers and do not have an open workroom for doing custom orders or outside restoration work. Thank you for your understanding.)

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English Petite Point Depicting one of the Four Seasons "Summer"
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Pair of Late 18th Century French Toile Flamme/Ikat Pillows with Farmers Linen
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- $825.00
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